Best Fuel Efficient and Electric Vehicles

A popular saying states that ‘The cars we drive say a lot about us’. Yes, your car will say whether you are a person, who gives more importance to luxury or whether you are an economical person, the type of color and internal decorations you love, etc. Beyond aesthetics and luxury, we also wish to own the most fuel efficient car.

Some people frequently change their cars, just because they wish to keep themselves updated while there are also people for whose car purchase is simply their first-time purchase. Some people might have owned many two-wheelers and so they will be aware of fuel efficiency. This is why they think about the latest fuel efficient car.

When fuel efficiency is the main aim, when analyzing the top cars under this category, you will see that most of the best fuel efficient cars for the year 2015 are either highly-priced or they are full-blown electric cars. Even though, there will be confusion in the selection, experts state that consumers these days have better choices when it comes to fuel efficient cars as compared to what it was half a decade ago.

So without any doubt, an efficient car is one that brings you best fuel efficiency, besides being affordable for initial investment.

Examples of fuel efficient cars:

Volkswagen Passat:

As per the official fuel economy estimates for this model, the TDI Clean Diesel is stated to be the most efficient model. Besides having a manual gearbox, the rating for this vehicle is 34 mpg in combination when driving with DSG Transmission. Irrespective of the transmission choice, the Passat 1.8T model gets an efficiency of 28 mpg, while the powerful Passat V6 model is rated to give an efficiency of 23 mpg in combination driving.

Honda Accord:

Under the same price range as Passat, the Honda Accord is yet another passenger car with 6 speed manual transmission engine and an HP that is slightly higher than the Passat. In city driving, the car can bring an efficiency of 24 mpg, while in the case of highway drive it is stated to bring an efficiency of 34 mpg.

Why is fuel economy important?

Fuel economy is something that will save you money on fuel. With the rising fuel costs, most of us look for ways to save on the fuel and when the most fuel efficient car is purchased, you can save on the fuel expenses. But, the thing to remember here is that the way you drive will also impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Maintenance of the vehicle will also play an important role.

In view of environmental concerns, many people are thinking about opting for electrical vehicles. But, the problem here is that as compared to gas, petrol and diesel stations, electrical filling stations are fewer in many countries of the world.

Electrical vehicle:

At the beginning of the automotive revolution that took place in late 1890s, electric cars began to fight against conventional cars with internal combustion engines. As the first vehicle of this kind achieved a speed of more than 62 mph, this model turned out to be a great success.

But, overriding factors that are still known today mean that the overall battle was won by fossil fuel under the ground of adoption. But, the furious fight of electric cars, brought down the cost of petrol engine vehicles to a great extent.

Best electric vehicles:

If you are planning to invest in electric vehicles, you would be interested in models that can cover longer distances with a single recharge. Let us find some models here:

  1. Renault Twizy: This two-seater car is 100% electric and it can cover 50 miles per charge and the top speed of 50 mph is something impressive for many car lovers. The cute appearance of this small car is another attraction for those looking for a two-seater vehicle.
  2. Toyota Prius Plug-in: This car has both electrical and gas variant. Even though, it can run only for 11 miles with a single charge, the gas fuel will kick off immediately once the charge is over. As this is a hybrid model, it holds the pride of being the 2nd or 3rd most sold cars all over the world.

Electric Vs. Fuel Powered Cars – A comparison:

When comparing both these models, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, electrical vehicles can offer a promising alternative to internal-combustion automobiles as they do not directly burn fossil fuels. In addition, they can produce instant torque and smoother acceleration as compared to the conventional models.

But, it cannot be argued that electric cars are completely environmental friendly as compared to conventional vehicles. For instance, if the electricity used for powering the electric car comes from a coal power plant, it can even be dirtier as compared to the smoke produced by an internal-combustion vehicle.

Electric vehicles also have the limitation that they can travel on a single battery charge and this will not be a problem in the case of short-distance traveling, but when it comes to longer trips, fuel-based cars can be the ideal choice. Also, it is not easy to find electrical powering stations everywhere, but you can find conventional fuel stations almost anywhere.


The fact to remember is that both these technologies are developing and the decision about the right model purely depends on your requirement and your way of driving. So, with all your friends owning a new car, it’s your turn now and of course, you might have talked with your friends about the performance of their regular vehicles. By this time, you might have decided about the fuel-efficient model that will meet your requirements.

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