Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras Reviewed

If you are a blogger who likes to add video as part of your content marketing strategy then one of the more pressing questions that you may ask yourself is what camera is the best one for your specific needs. In all honesty, there is no one right answer to this question but there are a handful of good quality cameras for vlogging to choose from.

The reason it is hard to pinpoint a single camera as the best is that there may be several devices that are perfect for blogging/Vlogging but the one you choose will depend heavily on both your budget and your specific requirements. This means that what will work the best for one vlogger will not necessarily be the best for another.

The good news is that there are many choices out there and you will be able to find a device that is perfect for you. Keep reading to find out the top 10 Vlogging cameras for 2015 for your consideration.

Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen

For those of you who are into selfie vlogging, this camera is one of the most popular choices. While it is not a typical type of camera, it has a fantastic front and rear camera that films 720p HD and 30 fps. The basic model will run you about $300 which is pretty economical for your purpose as compared to several other cameras. The overall quality is good and in addition to the camera you can get many other uses out of it.

Google Nexus 7

Another good choice for the selfie vloggers is this Nexus. It runs on Android OS and is good for basic recording as well as social media sharing. It also has a plethora of other apps that you may find useful for your blog or for other aspects of your life. There are no SD slots and the lens has a fixed focus. Aside from those two things, this device is good for getting what you need as far as recording goes.

Sony Cyber Shot WX80

For the vlogger on a strict budget, this is a fantastic option for your needs and your wallet. With this device you get the 16.2 MP sensor in addition to the Exmor R Processor. This small and lightweight device records at full HD and has an optical zoom of 8x. It can be purchased on its own or with additional items such as a 16 gig memory card, rechargeable battery, a carrying case and a kit to clean the lens for optimal filming. The only real downside is that it will not provide good video in a low lit environment.

Panasonic HC-V10 Digital Video Camera

This device is an excellent choice as it is very budget friendly and provides you with fantastic quality for what it costs you. It is a popular choice for vloggers because it shoots at 720p HD/25 fps. That is amazing for a cost efficient camera such as this one. In addition to these things, users have given great reviews due to the size (easy to carry) and the picture quality. However, make sure to use this item in good lighting or you may not be pleased with the results.

Canon Powershot  S100

This device is more costly than those already mentioned above and this is why it is more popular  with those vloggers who are more “no nonsense” about their work.  If you can afford this camera it is definitely money well spent due to the high quality.

This camera is compact (fits right in your palm) and offers ease of maneuverability. It shoots at 1080p/24 fps and will run you anywhere between $200 to $600 depending on the extra features that you may or may not decide to go for. The only downside if quite small in relation to the upsides. The lens makes some noise during focusing but since you will likely be talking in your video anyway this will not make any difference to the end result.

Nikon Cool Pix S9500

This Nikon brand camera has both high quality capabilities as well as affordability ($260 average price). Do not let the low cost fool you though as it packs a big punch for a little price tag. With this device you get Wifi, an SD slot, optical image stability, an 18MP sensor and an optical zoom on 22x.

This is an ideal choice for getting good distance shots and picking up on small details that may otherwise be missed when using another camera. There is a high speed mode but it does not allow filming in HD and there is no microphone input. Even so, many vloggers find that it is perfect for their needs.

Sony HDR-CX220 HD Handycam Camcorder

Most camcorders are pretty costly but this Sony model can be purchased for about $200 making some people skeptical about the quality. However, it actually records better than the majority of others that are also low priced. The optical zoom is 27x and accepted by this device are SDHC, SDHC and SD cards. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be put to good use in most every type of condition. One thing to consider though is that there is no input for an external microphone. If you can deal with that little downside then this is a great choice for vlogging.

Panasonic HDC-SD90

If you require the capabilities of a camcorder and a digital, this Panasonic model has you covered all the way around. This device, priced between $500 and $600, is one of the most popular of its kind currently available. If it is within your price range you cannot hope for a better device. Record in 1080 HD with or without the awesome 3D attachment. Keep in mind though that this attachment can cost just as much as the actual device does. Also keep in mind that you will need to understand how to convert the AVCHD format used by this device.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i

This Canon model may be complicated for the beginner but for a pro it should be no problem to use properly. It offers recording at full 1080 HD/30 fps making it a top quality device for the best vlogging experience. The screen is a swivel model that comes in handy for the best filming angles. The price is around $600 but is worth the cost for the serious user. Some users may find that this camera is too weighty for their liking but it just takes some getting used to.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

For such a fancy sounding device it is surprising that the cost is around $3000. Even with only a 27x optical zoom the recording quality is not compromised in the least. It can be used with SD, SDXC AND SDHC cards and even captures good images in the lowest of light. If you are looking for a device for some serious recording and vlogging, this is a great choice but make sure it is what you really need before dropping such a hefty amount of money on it. While it is worth the price you don’t want to make a purchase such as this without being very sure it is what you need.


Clearly, there are many great cameras to choose from. The key to finding the best option for you is deciding what features you value most highly, then carefully considering some of the options listed above. Of course once you’ve found a camera, it’s time to make a purchase and put it to good use!



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